Can you Smoke on a Gas Grill (Hear from Grilling Expert)

Hey there fellow barbecue lovers, I wanted to share this video about using your gas grill to prepare delicious smoky flavored meals. This is a technique I have used for decades. It’s simple and it works, and with some practice you won’t notice the difference between meat cooked on a dedicated smoker compared to what you can achieve on a gas grill.

In this video, Susie Bulloch from shares tips on smoking food on a gas grill. She explains the differences between cold smoking and hot smoking and demonstrates how to use a pellet tube for cold smoking and make a smoking pouch for hot smoking. She also provides instructions on how to set up a gas grill for hot smoking and cook a smoked turkey breast. Throughout the video, she emphasizes the importance of monitoring temperature and refilling the smoker pan as needed. is a popular website and YouTube channel that provides barbecue lovers with recipes, tips, and tricks to help them become a backyard barbecue hero. Susie Bulloch, the creator of, is a professional pitmaster, BBQ judge, and cooking instructor who has a passion for outdoor cooking.

In this video we learn that we don’t need an expensive smoker for delicious smoked food. Instead, you can use a pellet tube for cold smoking, and you can make a smoking pouch out of wood chips for hot smoking on a gas grill.

The Main Takeaways

  1. Smoking food on a gas grill is possible and can produce delicious results.
  2. Cold smoking and hot smoking are two different methods with different temperature ranges and cooking times.
  3. A pellet tube can be used for cold smoking, while a smoking pouch made with dry wood chips can be used for hot smoking on a gas grill.
  4. Temperature control and monitoring are crucial for successful smoking on a gas grill.
  5. Refilling the smoker pan as needed is critical to maintaining a steady stream of smoke.

Related Tools and Accessories

Let鈥檚 take a closer look at the essential tools that Susie used in the video and how they can help you become a backyard barbecue hero:

  • Pellet tubes
  • Smoking pellets
  • Wood smoking chips
  • Gas grills
  • Grilling tongs
  • Heavy-duty foil
  • Meat thermometers

I always recommend investing in high-quality grilling tools, such as barbecue tongs, grill brushes, and other grilling accessories. Using high-quality tools will make your grilling and barbecuing experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I smoke food on a gas grill?

Yes, smoking food on a gas grill is possible with the right equipment and technique.

Do I need an expensive smoker to smoke food?

No, you can use a pellet tube or make a smoking pouch out of wood chips for hot smoking on a gas grill.

Can I use a pellet tube for cold smoking on a gas grill?

Yes, a pellet tube is a handy tool that can be used for cold smoking on a gas grill.

How do I set up my gas grill for hot smoking?

Take off one of the grates on your gas grill and nestle the smoking pouch above the burners. Turn on one burner and adjust the temperature to 180-225 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the food on the opposite side of the grill as the smoke pouch, close the lid, and monitor the internal temperature.

What’s the difference between cold smoking and hot smoking?

Cold smoking is a method of adding smoke flavor to food without cooking it, while hot smoking involves cooking food while also adding smoke flavor.

What temperature should I aim for when smoking on a gas grill?

For hot smoking, aim for temperatures between 180 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take to smoke food on a gas grill?

The time it takes to smoke food on a gas grill varies depending on the type of food and the temperature. For example, a smoked turkey breast takes about 2-2.5 hours at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I use heating pellets instead of cooking pellets?

No, heating pellets are not designed for food use. Make sure to use cooking pellets instead.

How do I make a smoking pouch for hot smoking on a gas grill?

To make a smoking pouch, tear off two large pieces of heavy-duty foil, add about two cups of dry wood chips to the center, fold up each end, and roll up the sides. Poke holes in the top of the foil pouch and place it on the grill above the burners.

Author Bio

Susie Bulloch is a professional BBQ pitmaster and the founder of, a website dedicated to helping people grill better and become backyard barbecue heroes. With over a decade of experience in smoking and grilling, Susie has competed in various BBQ competitions and has been featured in several food publications. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of BBQ with others through her website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. When she’s not cooking up a storm on the grill, you can find Susie spending time with her family in her home state of Utah.


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