Shark Outdoors Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in our Shark BBQ™ brand ambassador program!

We have so many supporters who love our brand and feverishly promote it. This program is our way to say “thanks sharing the love” (with an opportunity for free goodies and cash in the pocket).

Here’s how it works… registered ambassadors promote our products to their networks and audiences, and in return earn a commission on sales they refer.

We have four ambassador levels. The signup tier (Silver) pays 5% commission, stepping up to Gold and Platinum paying 7% and 10%, towards the expert tier (Diamond) paying 13% commission.

Our tool-set lets ambassadors create unique links to products and articles on our web site. When customers purchase products from Shark Outdoors, we automatically track those purchases. Ambassadors can view their referrals, the number of visits, and how they converted to sales.

Our Ambassador Tiers

We have four ambassador levels. Our signup tier (Silver) pays 5% commission while Gold, Platinum and Diamond earns more, up to 13%. Flip the cards below to learn more about each tier.

Silver Tier

Earn 5% Commission
Earn up to $5 per Sale

See back for detail

How it Works

You earn 5%
1+ Transaction/ month
10% Audience Coupon
Free gifts *
Refund on purchases **
Giveaway team-ups ***
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Gold Tier

Earn 7% Commission
Earn up to $14 per Sale

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How it Works

You earn 7%
5+ Transaction/ month
10% Audience Coupon
Free gifts *
Refund on purchases **
Giveaway team-ups ***
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Platinum Tier

Earn 10% Commission
Earn up to $20 per Sale

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How it Works

You earn 10%
50+ Transaction/ month
10% Audience Coupon
Platinum Privileges $
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Diamond Tier

Earn 13% Commission
Earn up to $40 per Sale

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How it Works

You earn 13%
100+ Transaction/ month
10% Audience Coupon
Diamond Privileges $$
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The tier levels, their commission percentages, benefits and limitations are subject to change. More info is available once your application was approved. More detailed info will be provided when your application was approved.

Who is this program for?

Shark Outdoors focuses on new and innovative BBQ products to bring a little excitement into everyday grilling. Our ambassador program is for existing customers who own and use Shark BBQ products and are passionate about our brand. If you love outdoor and over-the-fire cooking and have a knack for social media content and engagement, please reach out to us. Our program is just starting up and we are working on an enhanced interface and expanded offering. You’re invited to add your name to the waiting list. As spots become available we’ll get you setup.

How Do I Apply?

Before submitting your detail, review the questions and answers below. Our program has some conditions and limitations and may not be for everyone. Once you are ready, tap the button below to get started.

What Is Expected From Brand Ambassadors?

Shark BBQ™ ambassadors are individuals who love our brand and share a passion for grilling, barbecue, and cooking awesome food. Brand ambassadors represent Shark BBQ™ in a positive light, and help us increase awareness of our products and services. We ask our ambassadors to be considerate of how others perceive them in online appearance, demeanor, values and ethics while promoting our brand.

A key strength of brand ambassadors is their ability to use relationships and promotional strategies to influence audiences in a positive way. If these priorities match your online presence you may be a good fit to join our team.

How Do I Qualify for the Program?

If you relate to the following qualities you are well on the way to be considered an ideal Shark BBQ™ Ambassador.

  • Positive and outgoing personality
  • Manage an active social media or video platform following
  • Considered a BBQ expert by family and friends
  • Eager to share grilling tips and opinion
  • Enjoy giving constructive feedback and insights on new products
  • Avid content creator, blog writer, or food photographer

What Size Social Media Audience Is Required?

We understand there are many social networks reaching beyond the scope of social media platforms. We don’t set a minimum number of followers or audience reach for our ambassadors, and anyone can apply. Without active participation the program does not offer any benefits and we encourage applicants to consider the qualifications mentioned here.

Is This Program Only for Existing Customers

We don’t require new applicants to be prior Shark Outdoors customers, but we do expect them to be familiar with the Shark BBQ™ brand and products.

How Are Brand Ambassadors Paid?

At this time all payments are distributed through Paypal. Ambassadors are required to maintain an active Paypal account.

How Often are Commission Payments Processed?

Commission is paid once a quarter. There are limitations like a wait period after purchases (to account for returns). Detail will be provided during the enrollment process.

How Does this Compare to Amazon's Affiliate Program

Our commission tiers are easy to understand and range from 5 to 13%. Amazon’s affiliate program is a great way to earn extra cash by referring your web-site visitors to products you like and we encourage our ambassadors to participate in that program also. Amazon’s commission is based on multiple factors like category and product type. Barbecue tools typically earn around 3% affiliate commission through Amazon. Below is an example of sales and earnings on grill cleaners.

Amazon Affiliate Commission on BBQ Products
Amazon Affiliate Commission on BBQ Products

Do Ambassadors Get Free Products?

New ambassadors have an opportunity to buy Shark BBQ™ products at a discounted rate. The cost for that purchase is refunded when a referral threshold is reach. We also participate in social media giveaways. Quantity and giveaway values are based on ambassador tiers and referral values.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Yes, we have a few other things to consider. You must be over 18 and a resident of the United States to participate. We require ambassadors to accept our affiliate agreement and all other use policies. Accounts and promotion channels focused on content not representing our food and family-oriented brand values are not eligible to participate at this time.