BBQ Tools Pack


This is an invite only offer. I’d like to send you a set of Shark BBQ grilling tools to try out. The offer currently includes:

  • One light-weight aluminum grill tong with your choice of red or black handles
  • One three-coil grill cleaner with a choice of spring-coil scrubbers or steel wire bristles

I used to spend a chunk on money advertising on Amazon and Facebook. Instead of lining the pockets of those big corporations, I decided to share my products directly with grilling enthusiasts like you. Between shipping and product costs for this free offer, I try to match my advertising budget and spread some smiles along the way.

There’s no ask for anything in return, except for your feedback about anywhere I can improve my products or service.

If you like the tools and consider supporting our small US-based company, I’ll be extremely grateful for your time and efforts. Here are some ways other customers support us:

  • Tell some friends about Shark BBQ grilling tools and what they like about it
  • Post pictures on social media of their awesome BBQ meals together with our grilling tools
  • Customer reviews at online stores like Amazon

Please complete the form below and step through the check-out process to place your order (we don’t ask for payment info). 

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