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Steel Wire Grill Cleaner

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The Shark BBQ stainless steel wire brush has a long handle and comes with a grate scraper to quickly clean-up chunks of burnt remnants. The scraper is great for reaching into corners and hard to reach areas between the grill grates. The Shark BBQ grill brush is different from most others on Amazon and local hardware stores, in that we use top-end corrosion resistant stainless steel for our wire frame. The frame is the backbone of the grill and keeps the bristles secure and in place. Our production cost is higher because we use 304 stainless steel for the brush frame instead of inferior steel that quickly rusts and causes bristles to fall out. Before we get to the dirty work, let’s cover a few grill-cleaning basics to keep your grates in top cooking condition. Preheat gas grills for 10 to 15 minutes to heat up the grate. This will loosen leftover food and melt any greasy remnants. Keep the lid shut to speed up the process and save some gas. When using a charcoal grill, wait until the flames subside before starting the cleaning efforts. Never use the grill brush over open flames as it could melt the handle and weaken the wire coils. Once the grill is evenly heated, use the scraper side to loosen leftover food from the top of the grate surface. Use the cleaning coils to scrub away any remaining food, working your way in-between the grates and using the side coils for hard to reach corners. Wipe the grate with a few sheets of paper towel or a damp cloth to remove any remnants from the cleaning process. Finally, add a layer of oil to help keep the grate surface clean and avoid food getting stuck. Lightly coat with spray cooking oil or wipe the grate with vegetable oil using a folded paper towel. At this point you should have a squeaky clean, shiny grilling surface with no carbon deposits, food remnants or greasy leftovers. Food will taste better, and the grate will leave beautiful grill marks.

  • 🔥 Our new Shark BBQ Premium Wire Brush with signature grate scraper
  • 🔥 Heavy duty wire bristles lasts long and works on any grilling surface even porcelain
  • 🔥 Improved professional quality grillbrush frame with 304 stainless steel twisted wire
  • 🔥 16 Inch reach makes it perfect for gas grills, charcoal barbecues and open wood fires
  • 🔥 Included brush hanger to keep your outdoor cleaner accessories handy and together

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