17 & 13 Inch Grilling Tong Set (Black)

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Our latest design is fast becoming the favorite BBQ tongs for everyday grilling. We designed the new Shark BBQ scissor-style grill tongs to find the perfect balance between ease of use and reach distance. The tongs take advantage of our patented gripper design, top quality 304 stainless steel, simple spring-free operation, sturdy single pivot point, comfortable soft-touch grip and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. The tongs are available with black, red, blue and green handles.

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Thanks for your interest in the Shark BBQ grilling tongs.

We designed the new 13 inch scissor-style grill tongs after customers asked for a shorter and more maneuverable barbecue tong with the same high-quality features as the original 17 inch Shark BBQ tongs. This bundle includes both of these tools to bring you our most versatile grill tong set at an unbeatable price.

🔥 TWO-SET BBQ TONGS COMBO PACK: You get two pitmasters choice grilling tongs: One 13-inch tong ideal for cooking in the kitchen & for camping, and one 17.5″ long-reach tong for extra hot fires and to reach the back of the oven

🔥 LONGEST REACH FOR ITS LENGTH: Shark BBQ tongs were designed to keep hands safe from flames and reach further than any traditional tong. Our compact 13″ tong has the same reach as traditional 18-inch spring-loaded tongs. Our 17″ tongs have 30% more flame clearance than 18″ single-hinged tongs

🔥 SCISSOR-STYLE DESIGN: Gives you extra-long reach and precise food control while keeping hands cool and safe. 304 Stainless steel ensures incredible durability, rust resistance, and reliability for a lifetime of grilling. That’s why Shark Barbecue grill tongs make for excellent grilling gifts

🔥 MOST VERSATILE USE: these professional BBQ tongs are best for flipping meat like steaks, ribs, burgers, sausages, briskets, and more. It’s also preferred in the kitchen for air fryer, cooker, flattop, deep frying and oven use

🔥 PATENTED AMERICAN DESIGN: We are proud to be a USA-based company, with US help if you need it. Enjoy peace of mind with a no-haggle guarantee and the reliability of a high-performing grilling tool for years to come

🔥 HEAVY DUTY: These barbecue grippers pack a punch. The scissor style tongs helps you apply just the right pressure to deal with both heavy and delicate food cuts

🔥 FIRM SOFT GRIP: The soft-touch coated handles (in red, black, blue and green) allow your fingers to interlock the tong handles for very precise control. This spring-free design makes it easy on your hands for all-day use

🔥 304 STAINLESS STEEL: We use a higher quality corrosion resistant 18/8 stainless steel. This will keep the Shark BBQ tong going for years so you can enjoy safe, rust-free cooking for a lifetime

🔥 EASY TO CLEAN: Although we recommend hand washing these tongs, they are dish-washer safe. Use a plastic scrubber to pre-wash and place in the top self of your dishwasher. Heat dry is fine as the 304 stainless steel is corrosion resistant

🔥 SMALL AMERICAN BUSINESS  – When you buy from Shark Outdoors you support a small American business based in New Hampshire. You are buying directly from the owner and designer of these products. Manufacturing happens overseas to my specification and I’m involved every step of the way

🔥 VALUE FOR LIFE: We use these grilling products every day in our home and we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. Reach out to us if anything is not what you expected. We love to hear your feedback and continue to improve the Shark BBQ products with every batch

Customers use the Shark BBQ grill tong for a variety of cooking methods. Here are some we know of:

  • Propane and natural gas grills
  • Charcoal pits and kettle grills
  • Grilling on open outdoor fires
  • Camping fires and picnic grills
  • Kamado and egg style cookers
  • Electric and infrared grills
  • Wood pellet grills and smokers
  • Offset and vertical BBQ smokers
  • Indoor and outdoor deep fryers
  • Flat top grills and griddles
  • Toaster ovens and air fryers
  • Stovetop cooking and grilling


We’ve even heard of customers using these tongs as sock grippers. That’s right, reaching those last few clothing pieces from the bottom of their washer and drier. It works! Let us know how you use the Shark BBQ grill tongs. We’d love to hear about it!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us or ask in the questions section below. As with all our products, if you are not completely happy you get a full refund, including your shipping cost.

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